National Energy Independence Plan (NEIP)


  • Ends the need for imported oil within twelve to fifteen years
  • Builds a self-funding national energy system that eliminates 86% of fossil fuel use

What would it really take for the U.S. to end its energy problems ?

[A self-funding national energy plan that ends the need for imported oil in 12-15 years; ends the use of 86% of carbon-based (fossil) fuels before mid-century; and averts an oil pricing crisis that is widely predicted within 5-20 years. The plan is funded like any public utility, with sales of energy through the system. When construction debt is paid off, the plan saves $1 trillion per year. It uses existing technology and requires no subsidies. ]

Two Threats:
  • Sequential unaffordability (not exhaustion) of fossil fuels, beginning within 5-20 years
  • Inability to meet energy demands by 2050

The NEIP Solution:

  • Infrastructure--National Grid with Energy Storage
  • Energy Supply--primarily wind and solar
  • Demand--utilizes the efficiency of an electric economy
Infrastructure, Supply, and Demand Download: the NEIP Summary
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The NEIP demonstrates that wind and solar energy can replace most fossil fuels by mid-century. It does not preclude other sources, including nuclear and some fossil fuels.

America cannot solve its energy problems without conversion to an all-electric economy--which allows saving $1 trillion per year.

Path A is directed at the first part of the first threat, unaffordable imported oil. To displace 100% of the oil America imports per year, Path A has three parts: the electrification of building conditioning; a liquid fuels program for heavy vehicles; and electrification of light vehicles. Total oil displacement is 28 Q-Btu, equal to total oil imports, in 12-15 years.

Path B, concurrent with Path A, Builds the national grid shown at left. Onshore wind from the Mid West is built out first, in order to fuel light vehicles (hybrid or fuel cell) in Path A. CAES energy storage converts intermittent renewable energy to base load electricity 24/7. Vast solar farms follow. Electric rates do not rise above 13.5 cents per kWh.

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